Capillary Tubes are produced in perfect size bore ensuring with highest cleanliness, having smooth inner surface and mirror finish, suitable for air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, thermostats and other refrigeration systems. We have come up as Trustworthy source to get capillary Tubes. These Capillary Tubes are admired by the OEMs Of Air Conditioning Equipments and Refrigeration Systems. These Capillary Tubes Comply with the set ASTM and JIS Standards.

Products Specification:

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Grade Capillary Tubes As per ASTM B/360 Hard Drawn/ Bright Annealed With Mirror Finish Inside & Outside, Compatible with R-134a/R-410a/R-407a,Hydrocarbons.


Size:1 mm OD to 4.00 mm OD.
Wall Thickness:0.40 mm to 2.50 mm
Straight Length:Up to 3 Meter Hard or Soft
Coils:Multilayer’s Up to 20 KG.