Innovation, transparency and trust are the key drivers to growth and excellence in Ram Ratna Group. In fact, it is a way of life. Present in over 73 countries across the globe, the Group endeavours to set standards that redefine quality, delivery and customer care. The Group's success is attributed to its promptness in identifying and responding to emerging market needs. Top-of-the-line technologies driven by a skilled team of technocrats give the Group a cutting edge in both domestic and global markets.

Ram Ratna Group is a Manufacturer of Rectangular Copper Bus Bars, Tapes (strips), Fabricated Bus Bars and Tin Plated Copper Bus Bars. Ram Ratna Group is a leading fabricator of Copper, all these products are manufactured using OXYGEN FREE COPPER on modern upcast machines, as per the Indian as well as International standards. These products are available in a wide range of                sizes / dimensions. The hardness of the product can be altered to meet specific customer needs.